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lng procurement

Reliable Adaptive LNG Supply

reliable + flexible SUPPLY

LNG ALLIANCE is committed to the safe, secure and reliable delivery of LNG to our primary target markets in Asia, specifically in India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and selective markets in Latin America and Africa. At its core, the business of LNG ALLIANCE is built on state of the art technology, world class operational experience and focus on reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

By working closely with our customers, we are able to plan, predict and respond, to the rapid dynamics of LNG supply and demand, thereby enhancing the security of supply for the end users of natural gas.

Flexibility is the foundation for LNG ALLIANCE to deliver value to our LNG customers through:

  1. Variable supply terms which could range from spot cargoes to long term multi-year agreements

  2. Provision for periodic price reviews in a long-term supply contract, which helps in minimizing commercial risks for the customer

  3. Ability to accommodate varying cargo sizes and varying delivery destinations

  4. Adaptability to address the seasonality in demand, including cyclical demand variations and unpredictable demand spikes and troughs

Safe and Secure Delivery

We facilitate, identify, structure, and execute the global trade of LNG cargoes. We add value by creating flexible and innovative solutions that provide our clients with ready access to volume and markets. Backed by an experienced team of professional with more than three decades of track record, we work with LNG customers for facilitating deals between sellers and buyers, manage commercial aspects of transactions integrated with planning and coordination of shipping schedules.

In the LNG commodity market, by working with clients of all types such as gas companies, power generation companies, utilities, banks, and trading houses we assist with providing rapid and assured supply of gas and liquidity. We facilitate medium-term and long-term Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPA) and enable buyers to meet their increasing demand for string-cargoes through LNG SPA.

By monitoring the global network and market-leading LNG intelligence provides unparalleled insight into the marketplace and allows us to identify opportunities and arbitrage deals to trade that benefit buyer and seller. 

Digital LNG Trade Desk
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