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LNG Terminals

develop build own operate 

Built around an experienced team, with a heritage of four decades in LNG infrastructure project execution and operational excellence, we cover the entire life cycle of the LNG project. We accelerate the Project Development covering  Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence, EIA, Permitting, Project Structuring, Equity Investments and Debt Financing, and move it thru FEED and manage the EPC contract thru reputable yards for FSRU/FSU, and EPC contractors for Marine Facilities and Pipelines, backed by our in-house team of engineers, supervisors and commissioning experts. After successful Commissioning and Performance Acceptance Tests, our domestic LNG Terminal Operations team takes over for the BOOT period, with fully integrated support from affiliated tugs and port service companies.

Develop build own operate


Our Quick to Deploy FSRU and FSU caters to increased flexibility, reliable performance with the best-in-class uptime and ease of terminal operations. They are designed with standardized equipment packages, and interfaces, using modular package configurations. They provide significant CAPEX savings and long-term operational efficiency. Capable of being rapidly deployed on a fast track mode, these FSRUs have a shorter construction schedule, with easier integration with marine facilities. FSUs with regas skids on jetty/land are designed to operate in a wide range of metocean conditions in nearshore environment with a jetty or dolphin based mooring system. The FSRU terminals are built with a scalable regas design, where the regas capacity can be incrementally increased with demand. 

FSRU & FSU based LNG terminals


Floating Storage Regasification Powerplants (FSRP) is a natural evolution from the FSRU. Excel LNG's FSRPs are designed as barge shaped floater which can be towed to coastal site when needed or be docked in a local port, with a power cable tie-in to the shore. As an integrated FSRP unit, there is built-in storage for the LNG, which is then regasified and the natural gas is used for power generation. Our FSRPs can provide 50MW to 300MW power, they are fully modular and design complies with the Classification rules. The FSRP projects can be deployed at site in 18 months to 26 months, depending on the site conditions and the power plant capacity. LNG as a fuel source for clean power makes numerous coastal power plants viable for countries with coastline communities and industry; and also for island nations. 

Innovations in LNG Power Barge
Fast-track FLNG Solutions


flng solutions

The term Floating Liquefaction Natural Gas (FLNG) covers the genre of LNG floaters, where natural gas from the pipeline feedstock (also referred to as FLSU) or stranded gas from offshore gas fields, are typically liquefied onboard the floater. FLNG provides a means by which stranded gas discoveries can be monetized and, with shorter lead times, lower fabrication execution risk and adaptability to the market. Our FLNG based export terminals, can provide in excess of 15% CAPEX savings and are proven to be more viable than conventional onshore liquefaction plant. They can be fast tracked saving 2 to 3 years, as compared to onshore liquefaction terminals and have a much shorter permitting period. Both lease and BOOT based contract models are applicable.

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