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With decades of combined experience from LNG terminal developments and operations gained from multiple projects in Americas, Europe and Asia, our executive and operations team have outstanding and proven track record in the LNG industry, covering infrastructure development, asset investments and commodity transactions. We work closely with our partners and build long term domestic relationships which enables us to achieve common goals and co-create success for our regional customers by adapting a professional value creation approach, backed by our local partnerships, with strong domestic experience.


The US LNG export growth and Asian import demand surge is  stronger than ever because of low production cost of natural gas and leaps in technical innovation across the value chain; increasing the shift towards natural gas usage globally. Regional  project dynamics, LNG as a fuel for industrial zones, increased need for City Gas Distribution, are radically changing the LNG business. With an emerging portfolio of nearshore modular LNG liquefaction terminals, standardized  conversion based FSUs with onshore regas, ISO containerised delivery of LNG, we bring in flexibility, attractive pricing and reliability ahead of the market cycles and meeting demands.


Our vision, mission and code of ethics can be summed up in one phrase: we do the right thing in everything we do. This applies equally to our approach to the environment and the society, for all our operations today and for the future. We are committed to conducting our LNG business ensuring the highest environmental standards and social policies which empower, engage and enable the communities in which we operate and serve, and  positively impact the environment, safety and health. Our projects are designed to reduce environmental footprint, preserve biodiversity and natural resources.


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Vision & Strategy

VISION & strategy


To be an integrated provider for LNG Sourcing and Supply, developing end to end infrastructure solutions from Upstream Gas Sourcing, Pipeline Integration, Onshore Liquefaction Terminals to delivery at Regasification Terminals (FSRU, FSU with onshore regas), LNG Shipping, LNG Break-bulk Hubs, Floating Storage Regas Power-plants (FSRP) supplying regasified natural gas to end customers, such as power generation, industrial usage and domestic city gas distribution.


Through our strong strategic domestic partnerships, we shall develop, build, own and operate a modern and reliable LNG assets such as LNG Liquefaction Terminals, FSRU, FSU and FSRP to the highest technical, commercial and HSEQ standards, and provide end to end integrated solutions. Our integrated solutions include project development, asset investments for  LNG facilities, flexible and economic LNG sourcing and supply, LNG shipping services based on strategic alliances and strong local content based domestic operations.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) matters are fully integrated as our core values within our business management and operations management responsibilities. In accordance with current legislation, guidance, industry standards, best practice and other national and regional requirements, we set corporate objectives and targets aligned to the delivery of our corporate strategic plan. Our business goals and KPI emphasize that we measure HSEQ metrics to ensure these areas are at least given equal status with the other primary drivers of the business. We provide occupational health, safety, environmental and quality management systems that are regularly reviewed and verified for effectiveness against required and applicable national and international Standards, Legislation and other requirements. In addition to providing a safe place of workplace for employees and contractors, we ensure our undertakings and those of our subcontractors and associates meet our standards for HSEQ.
Roles and responsibilities have been clearly defined to ensure full ownership and accountability for all policies and procedures. We are fully committed to providing the necessary resources, training, management involvement, follow-up for continuous improvement, to allow for the effective implementation of this HSEQ Policy in all our business segments and global operations.



The Company observes high standards of corporate conduct which are in line with the Principles of the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 BRT. The Company believes in developing and maintaining sound and transparent policies and practices to meet the specific business needs of the Group and to provide a firm foundation for a trusted and respected business enterprise. The Company remains focused on complying with the substance and spirit of the Principles of the Code while achieving operational excellence and delivering the Group’s long-term strategic objectives. The Company’s application of good governance principles in building a company committed to integrity, transparency, excellence and its people. This application is underpinned by sound and robust systems of internal controls and accountability to promote and drive long-term sustainable growth and value for its shareholders.
We comply with all obligations under Singapore and US laws / regulations, including those arising from international treaties. We also comply with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where we have investment plans or operations. Our Legal & Regulations personnel ensure that policies, processes and systems are consistent with applicable laws, and aligned with Board directives. Regulatory requirements are continually reviewed and updated to track changes in laws and regulations. We comply with laws and regulations where we invest or operate.



We design, develop and operate our existing facilities and construct the liquefaction and regasification terminals, that ensure the surrounding environment is conserved and nurtured, and creates a positive impact on the society. Our goal is to ensure that our operations maintain the ecosystem and enhance the environment around us. Our CSR stewardship begins at the concept level, as soon as the company initiates site selection, engineering and permitting of the LNG project. This commitment has become a hallmark of how we construct and operate our facilities. Our CSR practice ensures that our project developments and businesses that we operate take full responsibility for their impact on people, the environment, and the communities and societies in which we operate. As a step ahead of the conventional CSR activities, we have specific focus in five core areas: climate change and the environment, human rights, workers’ rights, anti-corruption and community development.

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